Maximize Your Giving Power:
Create a Named Fund


For Better Health.  For Palm Beach County.  It’s that simple.
As the leading community foundation for health, Palm Health Foundation’s vision is for all Palm Beach County residents to have opportunities to thrive and reach their full health potential. If you’re passionate about health and care about our community, consider the foundation your philanthropic partner.


Named Giving Funds at Palm Health Foundation allow you to establish a charitable giving fund during your lifetime, through your estate plan, or both.  A fund created during your lifetime serves as an efficient and strategic way to maximize your annual giving today, while providing a vehicle for a transformational gift later through your estate plan.  100% of donations to Palm Health Foundation go directly to improving health in Palm Beach County.

While the foundation tackles health challenges based on health data in Palm Beach County, we can support your passion for any health-related cause locally by administering a named giving fund.  As your philanthropic partner:

  • We know health and healthcare needs
  • We know Palm Beach County
  • We connect and convene local resources and leaders to tackle health issues
  • We can help you leverage your donation for greater good


Types of Giving Funds at Palm Health Foundation:

  • Scholarship - Help nursing and medical students achieve their goals.
  • Field of Interest - Make an impact within a health field that matters to you.
  • Designated  - Support your favorite health charity annually - with one gift! 
  • Donor Advised - Elevate your charitable impact by advising on grant recommendations.


If you are considering creating a family foundation focused on health in Palm Beach County, consider a Donor Advised Fund at Palm Health Foundation instead.  It’s a smart choice.  It operates just like a private foundation, except it provides an expert support team that knows the community and can manage all administrative and legal obligations for you.   


Our Promise to You:

Palm Health Foundation is committed to solving critical health issues through creative, community-wide collaboration. We invite you for a conversation to explore how we can lead change for better health together.


To learn more about creating a named fund, please contact:  
Jeff Groves 
Director of Philanthropy
(561) 837-2282