The Collective Impact for Behavioral Health Summit


In July of 2018, Palm Health Foundation convened community leaders and stakeholders within Palm Beach County’s behavioral health community to participate in a “Collective Impact for Behavioral Health Summit.” The summit was held over the course of two days and was attended by over 120 people from diverse backgrounds, all working together to identify behavioral health priorities for Palm Beach County.

The catalyst for this event was a needs assessment and comprehensive plan commissioned by Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network (SEFBHN) in June of 2017 with funding support from the Farris Foundation. This assessment and plan, completed by the Ronik-Radlauer Group, detailed recommendations and action steps related to behavioral health in Palm Beach County. Seeing the enormity of the work to be done, eight local funders -  Children’s Services CouncilCommunity Foundation of Palm Beach and Martin CountiesCommunity Services of Palm Beach CountyFarris FoundationHealthcare DistrictPalm Health FoundationQuantum Foundation and United Way of Palm Beach County - collaborated to launch the first phase of a collective impact effort –  the Development Phase – to tease out a defined set of priorities and common agenda that our community will support and implement through a collaborative effort. The summit played a key role in this development phase, combining the participation and input from both content and context experts, i.e. providers, those with lived experience, family members, funders, local government, schools and law enforcement.

The set goal of the summit was to create a community culture in which every person in Palm Beach County thrives because they feel empowered, hopeful, supported and connected.

Throughout the summit, attendees shared personal stories and aspirations for our community moving forward. The Palm Health Foundation team looks forward to convening the group again in September to solidify next steps for this collective impact work. Phase II will be the implementation of the common agenda and is scheduled to launch in January 2019.