This is Health: Fresh Food Farmacy

This year, MyClinic in Jupiter, FL hosted a series of “doctor prescribed” green markets to fight diabetes and improve resident health. The “Fresh Food Farmacy” introduced a new take on what it means to fill a prescription – rather than refill on medicine, residents refilled on fresh fruits and vegetables.

The 17-week program supplied over 60 families at MyClinic with healthy food to help family members living with diabetes or a pre-diabetic condition. The weekly market allowed MyClinic doctors, nutritionists and clinic staff to refer patients into the nutrition intervention program designed to counter the effects of diabetes by changing what patients eat.  While clients waited for their free bags of healthy food, they were weighed, had their A1C levels checked, and spoke with nutritionists about their progress.

Food-as-Medicine interventions have demonstrated improvements in outcomes in patients with obesity, pre-diabetes, diabetes and heart disease through access to fresh food, nutrition knowledge, and food related habits such as a plant-based diet and exercise.

The program was supported by Living Hungry, South Florida Hunger Coalition, Poverello, Diabetes Coalition of Palm Beach County, Healthier Jupiter, My Clinic, Healthcare District, Jupiter Medical Center, and Keiser University Health Services.