This is Health: Healthier Neighbors Corner Store



You probably know that eating healthy food plays a big role in reaching your full health potential. However, it’s one thing to know about a healthy habit and another thing to live it out. It can be pretty difficult to live out a healthy habit if you don’t have access to the tools you need.

Committing to a healthy diet can be challenging if you live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have healthy and affordable food options nearby – these places are known as “food deserts.” Achieving healthy food habits can get even more challenging if you don’t have access to transportation that can get you to a healthy food source.

Healthier Neighbors, a Palm Health Foundation Healthier Together initiative, is working to break down those barriers to healthy eating habits in the Northern West Palm Beach and Riviera Beach neighborhoods. In partnership with United WayAmerican Heart Association, and Trindy Gourmet, Healthier Neighbors is introducing the idea of a healthy corner store to residents.


The partnering organizations hosted two pop-up events at J.W. Corner Store in September, during which volunteer residents greeted visiting customers and asked a series of survey questions. The goal was to get information on the types of healthy foods residents would want available at the store. During the events, Trindy Gourmet provided healthy cooking demonstrations and free tastings. After gathering and analyzing information from the pop-up events, Healthier Neighbors, along with their partners, plan to launch a permanent “healthy food” section at the corner store. 

“The hope is that, with resident involvement in this initiative and Healthier Neighbor’s help with marketing and cooking demonstrations, more residents will understand how delicious and easy eating healthy foods can be,” said Jeanette Marshall, Project Director of Healthier Neighbors.


Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on the Healthy Corner Store project!