Have You Ever Had a Dream that Seemed Impossible to Reach?

For me, that dream was becoming a nurse.

No one in my family had ever graduated from college. I was a high school dropout and a teenage mom.  And, devastating family circumstances nearly pulled me further off course. My journey was not an easy one. But, I’m here to tell you that I not only realized my dream, I exceeded it! Today, I am Dr. Karen Wisdom-Chambers, an assistant professor of nursing in Palm Beach County, teaching  the next generation who dream of becoming nurses.

As a teen mom, I worked hard to earn an associates and later a bachelor’s degree. But my heart told me I needed to do more. I wanted to inspire others by becoming an educator, so I applied to a local doctoral program.

At 12:00 p.m. on August 1, 2011 I learned that I had been accepted. I immediately called my son. He was  as excited as I was and asked if he would now have to start calling me, “Dr. Mom.” At 10:00 p.m. that night,  a police officer knocked on my door. My son had been murdered.

Reeling from his loss, I felt that I could not go on with my studies. However, I knew in my heart my son would want me to carry on and fulfill my dream. Eleven days after I buried my son, I started my doctoral program. But, life’s tragedies weren’t done with me yet.

Two years later, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. His chances for survival were slim. As I took him to chemo and radiation appointments, I also had the added stress of mounting medical bills and a daughter  in college.

I didn’t know how I would pay for my own schooling and didn’t know where to turn for help. I faced losing  my life-long dream of becoming a nurse educator. But, Palm Health Foundation was there for me. 


Please donate to Palm Health Foundation to support nurses like me.


I applied for and received a scholarship. The foundation provided me with the financial support I needed  at a critical time in my life. If it hadn’t been for that scholarship, I would have dropped out of the program,  and my dream of being a nurse educator would be unfulfilled. One month after my husband passed away, I graduated with a doctorate in nursing.

There are so many stories like mine—people who try so hard to do everything on their own to succeed.  But, there comes a time when they find themselves needing a helping hand. Palm Health Foundation is  that helping hand.

Your gift to Palm Health Foundation will have a ripple effect—impacting the life of a student, our vulnerable residents, and the health of our community. I know it has impacted me and every single life I touch.

With gratitude,

Dr. Karen Wisdom — Chambers

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