This is Health: Palm Health Foundation Supports "Open Table" Poverty Initiative in the Glades




Palm Health Foundation is working to build a culture of health in Palm Beach County – a culture in which all residents have opportunities to thrive and reach their full health potential. We know that a person’s health outcomes depend on much more than their access to clinical care. A person needs healthy food, safe places to exercise and to reduce chronic stress to maintain good health over their lifetimes.

In the words of our President and CEO, “Poverty is bad for your health.” Our residents living in poverty don’t have access to the basic resources needed to better their health. To address this issue, Palm Health Foundation partnered with Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network, Federation of Families of Florida, Inc. and seven churches in the Glades to bring Open Table to families in the Glades community.

The Open Table program brings together a “table” of approximately ten individuals to invest their time, personal connections and skills in the life of an individual or family on a weekly basis. Over time, this table becomes a team of advocates directed by the family to assist them in achieving their life goals. The true gifts of a table are in the relationships built that last for life, long after the table has ended and the family has achieved their goals.

Currently, over 50 Glades residents are working together on four tables to create a community of neighbors investing in neighbors.

We can’t wait to share more with you on the amazing change Open Table is bringing to our community. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates in upcoming newsletters.


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