The Brain Health Innovation Fund at Palm Health Foundation

Palm Health Foundation is leading the charge on brain health locally and shining a light on what we know is possible -- with your support, we are:  


Funding Mental Health First Aid. Just as CPR helps you assist an individual having a
heart attack, this program helps everyday citizens identify and assist someone
experiencing a mental health related crisis.

Hosting Train the Brain, the month-long messaging campaign with free events
designed to change the conversation around brain health by helping residents
understand that taking care of the brain is just as important as taking care of the body.

Responding to the opioid crisis in Palm Beach County. Palm Health Foundation
convened 80 stakeholders to spearhead a 100-Day Challenge to address the crisis.

Funding a Mindfulness-Based Attention Training study that brings together
fundamental concepts and exercises from traditional mindfulness trainings to assist
clinicians and medical professionals as they cope with day-to-day stressors.


Our 2020 goal for the Brain Health Innovation Fund

The Brain Health Innovation Fund is designed to propel Palm Beach County into being a national leader in brain health innovation. The foundation's goal is to raise and invest $1 million in projects that advance brain health innovation in the community by the end of 2020. The fund will support projects such as:

  • A community based research project on mitigating the effects of toxic stress
  • The development of a computational neuroscience program using artificial intelligence
  • The application of a mindfulness-based attention training for First Responders


Palm Health Foundation's role in improving the health of our community would not be possible without the generosity of our donors.


People give to the foundation for many reasons: 

  • To memorialize a loved one
  • To continue a family tradition of philanthropy
  • To simplify giving
  • To ensure the future success of organizations they care about

Consider making a gift today to the Brain Health Innovation Fund or contact us to create your own named charitable giving fund for health. Either way, 100% of your support stays here in
Palm Beach County to better the health of residents today and for generations to come.


Contact Carrie Browne, Director of Philanthropy at 561-837-2281 or

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