Recap: 2020 Better Brain Health Luncheon

Julie Fisher Cummings, Frances Fisher, Joyce Licht Sang, Dusty Sang

Nearly 400 guests were awed by the students, researchers and community leaders who took to the stage to share how they are contributing to a movement in brain health advancement across Palm Beach County during the Palm Health Foundation Better Brain Health Luncheon on January 16, 2020.



Proceeds from the luncheon will benefit Palm Health Foundation’s Brain Health Innovation Fund, designed to propel Palm Beach County into becoming a national leader in brain health innovation. The foundation’s goal is to raise and invest $1 million in projects by the end of 2020. Projects include:

  • A community-based research project on mitigating the effects of toxic stress
  • The development of a computational neuroscience program using artificial intelligence
  • The application of a mindfulness based attention training for First Responders



Patrick McNamara, president and CEO of Palm Health Foundation, was grateful to see the outpouring of support for local brain health advancement at the luncheon. “Our speakers demonstrated the unique partnerships and innovative networks we have inspired among brain science, community members, education and care settings,” said McNamara.


Clarence Williams, Jose Delgado, Ethel Williams, Ilene Solomon Silber

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