Managing Stress & Staying Active During COVID-19

Palm Health Foundation has canceled all Let’s Move Challenge events in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community healthy. But, that doesn’t mean we are going to give up our commitment to encourage healthy habits throughout this month and beyond!

We know that staying active daily not only benefits our physical health, but also reduces anxiety and stress, which many of us are experiencing during this unique time.


Stay Active


Bring Let’s Move to your living room or back yard! Click here for a list of fitness apps and streaming classes.


If you have kids at home, engage them in a daily movement routine. Here are some ideas:

Log your minutes at – compete with your friends and family to see who can log the most minutes for the rest of the month!


Manage Stress & Brain Health


News coverage around COVID-19 is helpful and necessary, but it can also cause feelings of stress and overwhelm. Excessive stress can hinder the immune system’s ability to fight off illness. It’s important to maintain balance in your daily routine to keep your brain healthy as you work from home and practice social distancing. Here are a few tips:

  • Create a daily schedule/routine and write it down. Try to stick to the schedule as best you can, and be sure to incorporate getting dressed, having snacks, eating meals and exercising.
  • Limit your news intake. Pencil in a time in your schedule to browse news articles and watch news channels. When your “news time” is up, move on to another activity or task.
  • Make time to FaceTime, Google Hangout or phone chat with friends and loved ones. Social interaction is essential to good brain health – it reduces stress, combats depression and enhances intellectual stimulation. [Source: Cleveland Clinic – Healthy Brains]

You can find information on the importance of good brain health on our Train the Brain website and blog.


A Note to Caregivers 

Supporting caregivers has been a priority for the foundation for many years. These unsung and often unseen heroes of healthcare normally have a heavy lift, without the threat of pandemic. Here are a few resources for our caregiving neighbors:


Our Healthier Boynton Beach initiative is a great local resource for family caregivers living in Boynton.  Contact them at 561-635-8785.