Six Ways to Stay Active While Sheltering from COVID-19

COVID-19 has limited our movement and increased our anxiety.  Palm Health Foundation’s Let’s Move! Commit to Change Physical Activity Challenge provides the encouragement and accountability we all need right now to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity every day, even while staying at home.  


Rosa White, owner of TOTAL BODY Fitness with Rosa, LLC and a Let’s Move partner shares six ways everyone can incorporate movement into our daily routines while doing other activities, helping to stay physically and mentally fit—no equipment required.

“The key is to be intentional,” says White.  “Everyone can find opportunities to work movement into their day while doing other things. It is critical to move our bodies—especially now—to keep our immune systems strong in order to live a healthier and better quality of life.”


1. Wash Your Hands Calf Raises.  Standing at the sink for the recommended twenty seconds can seem like a long time. Break the monotony by doing calf raises.  Keep it going to get in three sets of 10-20 repetitions.
2. Kitchen Counter Push-Ups.  Spending more time in the kitchen than normal waiting for your meals to cook?  Use the kitchen counter to do standing push-ups to strengthen your chest, triceps and core or try some lunges while that pasta boils.
3. Brush Your Teeth Squats.  Keeping up with your daily hygiene is also an opportunity to work in some movement.  Do three sets of 10-20 squats while brushing your teeth.
4. Binge-Watching Ab Workout.  You don’t even need to leave the couch to work your abs while watching Netflix. Simple straight leg raises or elbow to knee crunches while sitting will work your core.
5. Disinfect Dance Party.  Keeping our homes clean and free from germs is important right now.  Put on some music and dance your way through sanitizing and cleaning your home.  You’ll burn extra calories and boost your mood.
6. Media Break Yoga.  Taking a rest from nonstop COVID-19 media coverage is good for our mental health.  Yoga’s gentle movement and breathing exercises can calm your mind.  Search “free online yoga class” on You Tube for options.
As a fitness instructor, White knows that accountability is a big factor in committing to regular exercise, especially as people feel isolated and less motivated.  “That’s why Let’s Move is so important to our community right now,” she said.  “Registering and committing to 30 minutes a day and having a place to log your time encourages people to stick with it.  We all need to have important routines in our daily lives to help us stay physically and mentally fit as we get through this time.”


To register for Let’s Move, go to