Palm Health Foundation's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Palm Health Foundation is leveraging our role as collaborator, convener and leader of innovative solutions for better health during the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation is working with local partners to organize relief and response efforts for our community. Our work is ongoing; this page will be updated as we continue to provide assistance to our neighbors. 


Establishing the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund at Palm Health Foundation


Our lives have all been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some of us are struggling much more than others in this “new normal.” Those of us who are still able to keep our jobs, pay our bills, access food and shelter safely at home, might be wondering what we can do to help those who don’t have these securities -- without putting ourselves, or the community, at risk.

Palm Health Foundation has established The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund  to help our neighbors in need, in exactly the way they need it. This fund will put small grants directly in the hands of Palm Beach County residents so they can recover, rebuild and plan for the future.

For every dollar you contribute to the fund, Palm Health Foundation will match it. That means that for every dollar you donate, two dollars will go into the hands of residents in need.




Ricky Petty, Healthier Boynton Beach project director, and the Tomlin Family, recipients of a vehicle  donation through The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund at Palm Health Foundation


Click to READ MORE about The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund at Palm Health Foundation


Thank you to those who have donated to
The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund at Palm Health Foundation: 


Stacey Amodio
Ellen Andel
Kirk Bell
Seth Bernstein
Katrina Blackmon
Denise Bober
Suzanne Brenner
Carrie Browne
Lillian Castellano
Donna Davis
Bill DelGrosso 
Susan Feldman
Marsha Fishbane
Frances and Jeffrey Fisher


Abby and Chad Goodwin 
Julia Harris-Smith
Barbara James
Phyllis Jepson
Janice Johnson
Linda LaRocca-Green
Kenneth and Summer Groves
Jessie Lavelanet
Dr. Daniel Lichtstein
Anthony Lofaso
Sandra Mari
Cathy Marshall
Milton Martyny
Pat and Ana McNamara
Carmen Palacios

Chrissie and Scott Perron
Greg and Julie Quattlebaum
Pascale Reid
Barbara Richardson
Mark Rubenstein
Paul and Ruth Schwarzkopf
Marilynn Seits
Ilene Solomon Silber and Louis Silber
Mark Stein
Marge Sullivan
David and Shawn Wisehaupt
Ramona Young




Palm Health Foundation is utilizing our Healthier Together networks to identify and assist our neighbors in need. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please view a list of local resources here:




Supporting United Way of Palm Beach County's COVID-19 Response Fund


Palm Health Foundation is supporting United Way of Palm Beach County's COVID-19 Response Fund, established to help our neighbors with food and financial assistance, through a generous grant provided by Alice and Chris Holbrook, advisors to The Alice Busch Gronewaldt Foundation Fund at Palm Health Foundation.


Activating a Health Equity Network Response

Palm Health Foundation believes that the pervasive nature of this pandemic calls for both traditional crisis response and more adaptive mechanisms. The foundation's Healthier Together community-based networks and BeWellPBC’s county-wide networks are driving virtual connections and outreach to ensure residents have a voice and a role in developing solutions that are responsive to their needs. 

Connecting Neighbors and Collecting Stories

 Through tools like Facebook Live and Zoom, the Healthier Together communities and BeWellPBC are linking people to one another—particularly those with the greatest health disparities—to cultivate social connectedness and counteract stress, social isolation and concern about the future.  Click here to read more about these efforts. 


Palm Health Foundation is inviting residents to share their experiences during this time of uncertainty through SenseMaker, an online storytelling collection tool.  Feedback is anonymous and will be analyzed to inform how Palm Health Foundation and BeWellPBC will provide future assistance to the community.

Solving "Last Mile" Issues and Addressing Brain Health

In partnership with the Hunger Relief Coalition, Palm Health Foundation's Healthier Together communities  are helping to solve "last mile" issues in food distribution  for their most vulnerable neighbors. 

The foundation is also working with several partners to address the growing brain health needs of our residents, given the stress produced by the pandemic.  Palm Health Foundation is exploring opportunities for making significant systemic improvements on our community's behavioral health safety net, including advances in telehealth and the implementation of an integrated network solution. 

Extending the Let's Move Physical Activity Challenge 

Palm Health Foundation has extended the month-long Let's Move: Commit to  Change Physical Activity Challenge  beyond its original end date of March 31, 2020 to emphasize the importance of exercise for good physical and mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The foundation encourages Palm Beach County residents to set a goal of at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day, every day and to log minutes on the Let's Move website:  

Click here to read more about the extension of the Let's Move challenge. 

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