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“I ran out of food yesterday after going five days on one meal. I have no money or food stamps. I have no car. The bus is my only transportation. I am considered “high risk” during the COVID-19 crisis due to underlying health problems. I have no mask or gloves. I am terrified to go out unprotected. Many of the food pantries have closed, or I cannot get to them without transportation. I have nobody who can help me.”  -- Dwight


Dwight is your neighbor. Like so many others in our community, his life has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. But, his life wasn’t exactly easy before all of this, either. Dwight lives in a neighborhood known for poor health outcomes due to a variety of factors, including lack of access to healthy food, safe spaces to walk outside and reliable transportation – just to name a few.
Stories like Dwight’s are confirmation of what we already knew to be true – that certain people fair much worse than others when faced with everyday obstacles—and even worse in the case of a global crisis. 

So, how can we help Dwight and our other neighbors experiencing even more difficulty than usual during this uncertain time? 



Over the past five years, Palm Health Foundation has been investing grant funding in six communities in Palm Beach County where residents are experiencing the largest health disparities. We’ve called this initiative Healthier Together, which has lived up to its name by engaging residents to work together to erase barriers to good health in their neighborhoods. 
Throughout this process, passionate resident leaders have stepped up to take charge in bettering the health of their neighborhoods. Healthier Together has established networks across the county of residents who truly know what our community needs to be healthier and stronger. 
When COVID-19 hit our communities, we turned to these resident networks and asked – what do you need?  How can we best help? Our resident leaders collected stories like this one from Dwight. 

Our neighbors told us what they need.  Now, it’s time for all of us to help.

Ricky Petty, Healthier Boynton Beach project director, and the Tomlin Family, recipients of a vehicle  donation through The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund at Palm Health Foundation


Palm Health Foundation has established The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund to put small grants directly into the hands of residents who are struggling to pay their rent, access food, receive medical treatment and more. This fund will aid in efforts to help our neighbors recover, rebuild and plan for the future. 


Please give to The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund today to help our community’s most vulnerable residents.



Palm Health Foundation has committed $200,000 of our own grantmaking funds to provide a dollar-for-dollar match for every contribution made to The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund. For every dollar you donate, we will match it with a dollar in the fund. 
Together, we can help our neighbors like Dwight. We can ensure that our neighbors have the resources they need to weather the challenges ahead and emerge stronger than ever. 

Donate now to take advantage of the CARES Act which establishes a new, temporary charitable deduction (limited to $300) in tax year 2020 for taxpayers who claim the standard deduction.





Thank you to those who have donated to
The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund at Palm Health Foundation: 



Stacey Amodio
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Julie F. Cummings
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Margaret Donnelley
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Abby and Chad Goodwin
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Julia Harris-Smith
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Phyllis Jepson
Janice Johnson
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Jessie Lavelanet
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Pat and Ana McNamara
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Chrissie and Scott Perron
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Andrea Stephenson-Royster
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Marilynn Seits
Ilene Solomon Silber and Louis Silber
Mark Stein
Marge Sullivan
The David & Sondra Mack Foundation, Inc.
David and Shawn Wisehaupt
Ramona Young
Zaloom Foundation





Palm Health Foundation is utilizing our Healthier Together networks to identify and assist our neighbors in need. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please view a list of local resources here: