Amplifying Community Voices

Palm Health Foundation began collecting personal stories from community residents in 2018 in order to better understand our communities and give them a voice, connect youth with their local history, and develop activities to improve health and well-being. Recognizing the complex web of factors that influence health outcomes, the foundation used the SenseMaker® tool and methodology to collect these stories. The tool allowed residents to play a central role in assessing, evaluating, and responding to the challenges in their neighborhoods.

Our SenseMaker survey has allowed us to collect valuable information from residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the creation of our Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund, which is providing immediate assistance to those with urgent need.

Beyond the pandemic, however, we are using SenseMaker® to collect diverse data from all over our county on many different topics, including racial injustice and general reflections on the year 2020. You can view our story collections at

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