Mini Grants are Making a Big Impact in the Healthier Jupiter Community



In 2020, Healthier Jupiter accepted an impactful donation that helped expand their mini-grant program. For the past five years, the initiative has provided mini grants that fund community projects addressing healthy eating, active living and mental health. Funding from The Morgan Hoffman Foundation enabled Healthier Jupiter to provide two additional $2,500 grants to fund projects focused on reaching children and their families.  

The Morgan Hoffmann Foundation is dedicated to helping others affected by debilitating diseases and those who seek to achieve a healthier life through research, science and holistic methodologies. One of the projects that received their mini grant funding is Fresh RX, an innovative, “food as medicine” farm to hospital program. Click here to read more.


Mini grants make big impact. If you would like to donate to a Healthier Together community’s mini grant cycle, or establish your own fund to make grants, contact Carrie Browne, Director of Stewardship and Strategic Partnerships at or 561-837-2281