Mollie Wilmot, Philanthropist

While most of the world remembers stylish Palm Beach socialite Mollie Wilmot for her graciousness to the crew of a large Venezuelan freighter that crashed into her seawall in 1985, there was much more behind those large sunglasses and glamorous blonde hair.  Ms. Wilmot was also a low-key philanthropist, quietly supporting various healthcare and children’s programs. Her generosity funded the Mollie Wilmot Children’s Center on the first floor of  Palm Healthcare Pavilion, which provides compassionate and dignified healthcare for both special needs children and their families throughout Palm Beach County.

Mollie Wilmot left an indelible mark on the lives she touched. She is fondly remembered by her friends as the statuesque lady with the oversized sunglasses. She spent much of her youth in Europe learning about art and was known for her sense of style and taste. Many people became acquainted with Mollie in 1985 when her Palm Beach home made international headlines. Few will forget the picture of a gigantic black oil tanker dangling off the seawall of Mollie’s Palm Beach mansion. She responded by sending breakfast to the crew!

In the same way that Mollie Wilmot lived her life, full of style and enthusiasm, her legacy will live on in the Mollie Wilmot Children's Center which provides compassionate and dignified care for patients and families in our community.

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