Collaborative Grantmaking

Palm Health Foundation brings people of diverse perspectives together to find innovative solutions to complex health issues and provide funding for initiatives that lead to better health. 

Our Grantmaking Philosophy:

Ever moving forward in the fast-changing landscape of health and healthcare, the foundation has evolved its mission and vision to more strongly reflect our role as a collaborative leader and convener in “Leading Change for Better Health” – our new tagline.

The foundation’s name change is minor – from Palm Healthcare to Palm Health, yet it represents our growing role as a funder of lifelong wellbeing to help all Palm Beach County residents thrive and reach their full health potential. The word “healthcare” alludes to a focus on clinical and acute care settings, where a person’s health issue is being treated rather than prevented. While the foundation still supports clinical healthcare, we also recognize that research has shown that a person’s health outcomes depend just as much on their zip code as their DNA code, or medical predispositions.

People need access to healthy foods, safe places to exercise and to reduce chronic stress to maintain good health over their lifetimes. To better the health of our community, the foundation is committed to addressing the social and environmental factors that are impacting our health, by empowering residents through our free public health campaigns and funding solutions to Palm Beach County’s most pressing health problems.


Please contact Palm Health Foundation's Grants Department for more information.  

Palm Health Foundation Supports Health Equity

Leading change for health equity means effectively removing barriers, engaging the voice of the community, and working together to promote better health. 

Palm Health Foundation is here to support health equity for Palm Beach County residents of all backgrounds, heritage, education, incomes, and states of well-being, now and for future generations. 

Everyone should be afforded a fair and just opportunity for a longer, healthier life.