Healthier Together is a resident-led funding approach designed to solve the community's most complex health issues, neighborhood by neighborhood.

“When a team of community leaders and residents develops a
shared vision and common goals to address a critical health issue and
everyone helps carry out the plan, the entire neighborhood grows
stronger, greater and healthier together.”
— Patrick McNamara, President & CEO
Palm Health Foundation


Background & Goals

In 2013, Palm Health Foundation’s trustees evolved the foundation’s grantmaking approach by launching its community-driven Healthier Together initiative. Over a 5-7 year period, the foundation is committing $1 million in each of 6 selected communities to make lasting, sustainable impact around some of the most complex health-related issues affecting residents. 

Palm Health Foundation’s three priority areas for Healthier Together are diabetes prevention and management, behavioral health and family caregiving.


Goals of the 5 - 7 year place-based initiative:

  1. To help change long term health outcomes of the residents in Palm Beach County
  2. To increase capacity among individuals, organizations and systems to impact lasting and sustainable change related to health and well-being
  3. To establish a learning framework to evaluate the overall impact of the Healthier Together initiative as well as the impact at the community level


Selection of the six communities was a data informed process which highlighted concentrated areas throughout Palm Beach County with low health indicators, gaps in services and high risk factors impacting residents’ ability to live healthy lives (see mapping). A comprehensive needs assessment was conducted engaging various community leaders, influencers and stakeholders in the communities where health indicators revealed a need. 




Healthier Together Video


As with any long term initiative, an evaluation framework and a commitment to learning is critical. Palm Health Foundation has engaged an evaluation consultant to guide the work of data collection, measurement and continuous improvement. Each community will determine its own specific outcomes with neighborhood stakeholders leading the initiative and committing to shared, measurable results to ensure that the work is on the path to success.